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HEMEROGRAFÍA (Description (e) history of journalistic material (press, radio and television) )

Press Venezuela 2013 - 2011-1992 - 1978  
2012 2013 Queen of nature and If this space is a canvas -

2012 Mireya Pérez Power Venezuelan painter, an example for future generations

Intelligent environment, inviting to care for the planet. Journalist Heidy Ramirez December 7, 2011 Fundacion Geníal. Mireya Pérez Power …the art invites you to take care of the planet. Journalist Heidy Ramirez

The green the Venezuelan founder the Piag Museum in Miami and its environmental campaign. Journalist Heidy Ramirez"

Fifth Day - climate change in search of practice replicables green (II) journalist Alba Marina Gutierrez - 14 year not 766 Caracas, September 9-16, 2010"

El Universal Anniversary Edition 99 Venezuelans of Universal weight. "Directed by the Venezuelan Mireya Perez-Power and William Power Sr., was created as a":  
Mireya Pérez Power invited to the VII Ibero-American Hall to represent Venezuela. Washington, D.C. November 1.


 Press Department autonomous Institute airport Int'l of Venezuela Simón Bolívar

 landscapes in waves - June 3, 1992; Journalist William Becerra
El Mundo , Eurobuilding - Gallery Mireya completo exhibition Undulating canvas.

 El Mundo, in August exposed until the 30th of this month...
The Voce D' Italy - Nell Eurobuilding Mireya Pérez Power L' opens
El Diario de Caracas , photo, exhibition at the Ateneo of Los Teques

 El Mundo  Expo until the 30 - landscapes at wave

 El Diario de  Caracas, photo, exhibition at the Ateneo of Los Teques.

 El Diario de Caracas, photo, exhibition at the Ateneo of Los Teques
El Diario de Caracas, Expo Hall Simon Bolivar Los Teques

 The Mundo Hoy in the Ateneo of Los Teques. , Nov.
El Mundo, blade of gold were issued in the library...
El Mundo, Sept. Mireya prepares expo in Miami September 18, 1989 Page 25
El Mundo, Nov. Mireya Pérez Power exhibited in Texas
El Mundo, Nov. Consul Gral. He visited with painters to the Governor of Texas
Latest news, with awards return William and Mireya.
El Mundo, Cultural Ambassadors were given course in the USA.
El Mundo, painting seminars dictated husbands Power on islands of Caribbean

 Dec. 28 1985
El Mundo  Venezuelan artists triumphed at Miami International Festival Julio3, 1985
El Mundo, Venezuela in Miami Festival.
El Mundo , January Mireya Power The owner of the nature cocecho new January 28,
Page 22
El Mundo, Mireya works in the bar...
El Mundod, Mireya international busy.
El Mundo, Mireya opens expo in La Casa Militar
El Mundo, Venezuelans set out in Miami.
El Mundo, paint in the White Palace.
El Mundo, Mireya coordinates group to exhibit at...
El Mundo, international exhibition. Power invites...
El Mundo, in the Gallery of the Congress. Pictures and landscapes from the Japan.
El Mundo, successful exhibition of screens (screens) and triptychs.
El Mundo, in Antigua and St. Lucia, painting courses dictated artists Venezuelans 20 Dec. 1983
El Mundo, painters Venezuelan travel to Mexico on February 18.
El Mundo, painters by Puerto Rico tour...
El Mundo 42 painters exhibited his works in Miami...
El Mundo the Venezuelan painter, Mireya Power in the military circle.
El Meridiano, the Venezuelan paint triumphs abroad.
2OO1 celebrity pictorial exhibition of Power Academy September 19, 1982
El Mundo success reached 5 artists at Artexpo, New York.
El Mundo five Venezuelan painters to world exhibition in USA
El Mundo Academy Power invites you to exhibit at...
El Puerto in la Guaira, from Macuto Sheraton Mireya...
El Mundo, notes from art, Venezuelan painters exhibited in USA July 15, 1982
El Mundo painters Venezuelan exposed on the Coast February 20, 1982
El Mundo the art world Mireya and Willian exposed in Caraballeda December 2, 1982

 El Mundo, Power Academy invited to exhibit.The national, today students of Power

 Academy - March 6, 1981
El Mundo  students of the Power Academy. Exposed 19 works 27 February. 1981
El Mundo Mireya Power offers free course... 1981
El Mundo, oleos Mireya power in Macuto.
El Mundo, in the Tamanaco students of Mireya Power exposed 22,1981 August p. 16
El Mundo, successes of Mireya in Caracas Venezuela military circle.
El Nacional The painter family exhibits at the Sears Exhibition Hall...
El Nacional Collective art expo  Sears Anniversary 

 El Universal, III anniversary of the room of Sears.
Bi-weekly art Prize Caveguias Mireya...
El Mundo, CAVEGUIAS to C.A.N.T.V.
El Mundo, award-winning Venezuelan painters.
El Nacional  First prize CAVEGUIAS 1978

El Nacional, 100 miniatures painted Soio exhibits Mireya in the Sears room.
El Universal, 100 miniatures painted oil exhibits at the Sears room Mireya. 

 Gevensa and art - 10 September, 1979
El Gevensiano GE General Electric News III painting exhibition - 10 September, 1979

El Nacional , 100 miniatures painted oil exhibits Mireya in the Sears room.
El Universal, 100 miniatures painted oil exhibits at the Sears room Mireya.

 MEXICO D.F.  Press & Magazine
Vida y Juventud Magazine La Mireya landscaper Power... in the DF - Page 1993
EL Excelsior wave Green Expo Mireya Pérez Power wavelength green first B flat 

 and on the page. 5B continuous writing, 10 June 1993 Page 5B exposes Mireya 

 Perez Power Onda Green
El Excelsior News "Sign of "Exposes the Venezuelan painter"

 The New Herald . Landscapes in waves / Presencia Pictórica Mexico City 23 June,

 1993 page 3 c

 News & News. Mireya painter presents his work
El Universal  sphere of human: The fine and exquisite sensitivity of the painter  

 Mireya Perez's Power by: Enrique Castillo heavy critical art. Home 2 Admirable

 woman a "artist quality June 14, 1993 and continuous of the s.1
The Universal. A three-dimensional vision plasma Mireya Pérez Power June 26, 

 1993 Page 15


 El Mundo  Expressions images February 1983 page 2

 The Venezuelan painters in Cordoba February 28 1983 World page 3

 SPAIN, Valencia 

 Hello Valencia Gallery Anagma Mireya Power 17 April - June 1 page 52
Guide the Metro Mireya Power has emerged as an expert May 2002 p.126-127
Guide the Metro Mireya Power has emerged as an expert/April 2002 / pag.112
Guide the Metro Anagma art contemporary Mireya Power until June 1, 2002


PRESS interviews and VIDEOS

Saint Vincent W.I. 

The Vincentian News "Venezuelan Institute Foster Art" April 23, 1993 St. Vincent, W.I.
The Vincentian News Children learn to paint St. Vincent - 20 December 1991
The Vincentian an News. Venezuelan Institute and local artists... (1987)
The Venezuelan Int'l continue to promote local Art June 12, 1987 St. Vincent, W.I. 

b   Seminar.
The Vincentian visiting Venezuelan completo.
The Vincentian The Embassy of The Republic of Venezuela 8 Nov. 1985

The Barbados Avocate News. "Power brings color to the schools" Bridgetown 1993  

Cover page The Avocate News "Student benefit from Venezuelan oil painter"  

 students benefit from painter to the oil Venezuela 11 and September, 1991 ""
Weekend Nation News Student get art training. Barbados, W.I. Oct. 11.1991-Page 6
Daily Nation Art for 30 get a boost. Barbados
The Wekend Nation "Art for 30 get a boost." Barbados
The Barbados News Some local artist paint up... (1985)

 St. Lucia
The Weekend Voice. Teachers take to painting, ceramic St. Lucia, W.I.July 28, 1990
The Weekend Voice Students, Teachers Study Art August 27, 1988 Page. 2
The Voice News "17 end painting course friday..." St.Lucia June 25,1991 Page 9
The Weekend Voice V'nezuelans teach art to students. St Lucia 23,1988 July
The Voice Seminars 24 students study oils. St. Lucia, W.I. (1983)

Antigua W.I.
The standard Art exhibition at Venezuelan Embassy. Antigua, W.I. Vol 1 No 18 

 Oct. 29,1983
The Standard Art exhibition at the Venezuelan Embassy, Vol 1 No 18 October 29, 1983

Tobago News Local artists get a taste of latin art. December 18,1985 Page 6
The Tobago News. Interview with art teachers.
The weekend News "Venezuelan art to teach..."

 Videos for School & Colleges

 CBS Television -Video of the Teachers oil Painting seminar in the Venezuelan 

 Institute, Barbados W.I.
HTS T.V. Oil Painting lessons/video "Painting to Mangrove" Approved by The   

 Minister of Education for the St. St. Lucia W.I. 1993 Lucian schools
Mireya complete art lessons videos (2)
Books and Magazines publications

 Press for Piag Museum creation of Mireya
Free The "Piag Museum on Wheels" may 11, 2005

 Radio Miami
Chain blue
Amor 107.5 Javier Romero Power International Expo Art Gallery
W-DNA 88.9 F.M Program in French with Rogelio Gil and Marguerite Espinoza-Gil
WSUA 1260 TV and Radio "side effects with Mireya Luis Miranda interview
Radio Caracol with Enrique Cordoba. (2002)
WQBA Mireya dictate workshop of Spanish painting at the Institute of culture (1985)
WRHC Mireya dictate workshop of Spanish painting at the Institute of culture (1985)


 2002 Mireya Power TOP 100 Successful Hispanic Women in all The Nation
 Radar Magazine "Faces of Caracas", Miami, Florida.
2001 Recognition "Honor to whom Honor deserves" to Mireya from: Venezuelan 

 Consulate of Miami FL.

2000 Artexpo New York N. Y at Jacob Javits Center
1999 Artexpo New York N. Y at Jacob Javits Center

 1998 Artexpo New York N. Y at Jacob Javits Center
1997 Artexpo New York N. Y at Jacob Javits Center

 1994 Artexpo New York N. Y at Jacob Javits Center
1985 Artexpo New York N. Y at Coliseum of New York
1984 Artexpo New York N. Y at Coliseum of New York
1983 Artexpo New York N. Y at Coliseum of New York

Momento when the art is child.
Tag Excellent "Landscapes in waves" Mireya Power United States.
Tag Excellent Power Int'l Art Gallery exhibition in Coral Gables. Fl.
In house Magazine Exclusive interview with Ivan Avila - Photo Luis Blanco, Miami, Fl.
1983 Fortnightly art, Venezuelan painters at Artexpo New York...
CAVEGUIAS C.A. 1978-79 Cover of the phone book, yellow and white pages.
Mercado de San Jacinto, Caracas, Venezuela.
Journal of Puerto Azul, Mireya Power exposes in Pto. Blue.
Noti-Sears, exhibition...

Caveguias phonebook Cover, First Prize "Mercado de San Jacinto"Mireya"s painting
Fortnightly art,

 United  S t a t e s  

 2008 The Pen Woman Spring 2008 Art Exhibition on Lake Mireya Pérez Power    
National United  S t a t e s

 2010 The Miami Herald Call for artists /exhibition Fairchild/Piag Museum
2010 FAMAE French American Music Arts & entertainment ' "Cubism at the Miami
  Beach Botanical Garden". Author band Marguerite Gil

Sumpost Weekly Cubism at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden September 20, 2010
Miami Beach Botanical Garden News & Events Environmental Cubism September

 7   2010
17th Annual International Mango Festival - Author Marguerite Gil Espinoza August 31, 2009
The SUNPOST July 2, 2009 "art" H (2O) 3 by Author Marguerite Gil
Back in Mireya and William Power had one idea "The Planetary green"
17th Annual International Mango Festival August 31, 2009
The Venezuelan Cultural week "culture flies in Miami"
Journalist Alexis Ortiz, Miami April 4, 2008

2007 The New Herald. Venezuelans Artists enriquecen  scene of Miami. Journalist or chaste - 30 Sept. 2007 Page #
2007 The Miami Herald "Different Strokes: Gallery Night" February 24 Miami, FL

2006 Report, weekly "Museum Piag makes art accessible to everyone" journalist Rosa
 Uztariz 15-23 September. Year 2 No 89 Page Page # 23
Magic City More interactive changes Mireya Power and her husband William Power

r  are art lovers. Piag.Periodista Museum: Marguerite Espinoza Gil Gil March 25, 2004.
Free the Piag Museum on Wheels report Daniel Román 11 may, 2005 year XL No 1520
(a) the Gazette of Chamber / "Mobile Museum makes history" VOL 1, No 1 / page 24

(b) The Chamber Gazette "Mobile Museum" Marks History First 2005

Venezuela Daily "Mireya Power day" November 23 2001 - Page 31
Exchange Latino "Interactive art" year 1, number 3 / page 13 November 2001
The Venezuelan. Venezuelan galleries in Miami - Power International Art Gallery year 9 Edition 332 Page 7 Miami 22 to August 29, 2001
Venezuela day honor artists August 03, 2001 year 5 Edition 120 Page 31
Nuevo Herald - arts galleries - exhibition of Venezuelan artists April 8-2001 Page 2E

East Sider News "Local Artist, good deeds for new corners" writer Laura Sanchez Ramirez - Miami Page #

The Daily News: In the "Onda" Mireya Power or artistic genius that integrates generos and styles November 17, 2000 Miami, Florida. By: Iván Ávila Belloso semiologist - photos Jose Caruci. Page 17. Venezuela day Caracas in Dade and faces of Caracas in the Consulate Nov.10, 2000 cover - Page 27
The Venezuelan Caracas shows his face in Miami November 8-15, 2000 - Page 30
The faces of Caracas Venezuela's by: pink Uztaris October 25-November 01, 2000 year IX Page 4
Journal of the Americas 17 anniversary Power Int'l Art Gallery Luis David Rodríguez Sept12, 2000 page 3B.

Caracas magazine 17 anniversary - Power Int'l Art Gallery Miami events Sept. 12-18- Pag. 17
Hispanic Times News Las the beauty of the nature made by Clemencia Murcia landscape. Year 2 No 9 - June 8, 2000 - Page 16 and Page 17
Time; International - New York - gallery Power March 23, exposure to 30, 2000 Page12
Time Expoarte international in New York, Ma. Antoinette Correa March 9-16, 2000 Page 10

Venezuela daily "Venezuelans with international success"
Washington, D.C.

The time Latino culture A13 painters Latinos in the library Martin Luther King W.D.C 19 March 99
Weather-Latin culture Expo Embassy-Venezuela Milenium Homage Washington, DC March 29, 1999
El Pregonero News, "we recommend artist painter March 18, 1999 Washington, D.C."
The time Latino culture cover artists Latino exhibit in the library Lutter King see 

Pág   A-10
March 19, 1999
Gaceta Iberoamericana activity literary and Cultural "wandering by the galleries" Auditorio Andrés Bello Embassy of Venezuela Mireya Pérez Power Washington, D.C.

New Herald Arts painter Venezuelan exhibits works of art critic Armando Alvarez Bravo critic of Arts Nov 7,1999 arts and letters 2E
The new Herald Gallery Sunday Mireya Pérez Power venture more beyond horizon journalist Armando Alvarez Bravo critic of art. Photo Roberto Koltun Page 7F April 12, 1998

The Venezuelan Mireya Power according to art. Interviewed by Carly Aguilera. May 1-15 not 74 Edition
Latin American Artists in New York art news
The new Herald of round about art and something more by Armando Alvarez Bravo
El Nuevo Herald. Round and somewhat more advancement as A January 31, 1996
The Venezuelan Mireya Power according to art... May 1-13, 1996 by Carly Aguilera Page 16

El Nuevo Herald July 7 the Venezuelan held with art
Journal of the Americas "The landscape Venezuelan in the Gallery of art vanities". July 22
Image Latinoamericana "7 women 7 countries"
El Nuevo Herald "Fine Arts Museum Latin
The Miami Herald's round - celebrate the landscape
El Nuevo Herald. "Biblio a Festival for Hispanic...
El Nuevo Herald "Landscape on wave"
News & Entertainment News More Power to her... The Marguerite Gil interview

Miami Today events connected to the Summit of the Americas. Mireya Power 

 and Conchita Firgau 

 Vanidades 13 artists at Art Expo... New York
Live weekly. Mireya Power and landscapes at wave. July 27, 1994 Page 22
The special. The 1994 Golden Star Mireya Powerpor Sonia Lavina October 21-27, 1994
The Ibero-American observer "Foundation Cultural international artistic F.A.I.C.

 Star gold plate on October 1. 1994
The new Universal. Presentation of the awards...
Discount Magazine... International artistic Foundation...
Latin American image. Summit of the Americas "Lights of America".
Economy today "the mayameros prepared...

The Miami Herald, Neighbors Lifestyles Art Honor artist Mireya Power, Miami, Florida, June 27,1993
The Venezuelan. Report expo Cancun

Awards in A.C.C.A. Mauricio Zeilac. Univision Channel 23 Miami, Fl.
El Nuevo Herald in Gallery Sunday interview art critic Armando Alvarez Bravo "Venturing mas alla horizon" April, 1998 12 p. 7F
The Miami Herald News Gold Leaf classes in the Library. Miami, Florida
The Miami Herald. The Embassy Gallery "Popurri"...


Journal of the Americas, a Venezuelan painter offers a course of painting to oil-8 of January 55

The world seminars of painting were husbands Power in Caribbean Islands December  28, 1985

Government of United States Magazine

2005 Gazette de La Camara El Museo The Mobile Museum makes history in Miami,  Florida page 24
2005 The Chamber Gazette 'Mobile Museum' Marks Historic First Miami, Florida     

 page 24
2005 The Beacon, FIU-Florida International University "Museum on Wheels brings  Latin culture" rolling Museum brings Latin culture. (November 22)
United States:
Cover Florida
Florida Exclusive Magazine 2003,
The New York Time Magazine, 1983
Art news
Vanities N y. Artexpo NY
Artexpo New York, Catalogue 2000 - 99 - 97-94 - 95 - 85 - 83 - 82
Discount Magazine. Expo Gallery vanities...

Phone book caveguias 1978-79  home 1st prize "Market of San Jacinto" 1st prize

White pages and yellow pages.

Yearbook of the Venezuelan paint 1981-82 Piñana Vives, Teresa and Carmencita Lozada Vazquez  Book No 5 page 177

United States
Artexpo New York Jacov Javits Covention Center 2000-1999-1998-1997-1954-1985.
Artexpo New York Coliseum New York 1984 - 1983 - 1982

Catalogue of "Le salon d'art", Motreal (1982)

United States

New York
The New York Time Magazine, 1983
Vanities artists at Art expo New York 1994 p. 13
Latino TV Artexpo New York.
Vanities N y. Artexpo NY

Hispanic Mireya " " One of the 100 Hispanic women with more success in the nation June, 2002 Pag 30
Florida Exclusive Magazine Mireya Pérez Power October 1 year 2 2003. Page 22
Radar Magazine "Faces of Caracas", Miami, Florida.
Of House Magazine Mireya Power and its plastic wave with Ivan Avila - Foto Luis Blanco, Miami, Fl. -No-12 2001
Discount Magazine. Expo Gallery vanities.
Art news
The Cove corner Vol 5 No 15 "August special guests" (December 2003)
The Cove corner Vol 5 No 19 Visual Arts Mireya Power Pia Museum Director.

 Vanidades Continental New York ' Hispanic presence at Art Expo' 1994 year 34 not
12  p.18

West Palm Beach
Florida home 'Gallery ' Mireya. September 2, 2004
Cover Florida  

Expressions - Guide to art and culture, homage to Panama (2006)

Moment "When art becomes child"
Portada Excellent "Landscapes in waves" Mireya  United States. No 40 año 5  pag. 167     
Portada Excellent Power Int'l Art Gallery expo in Coral Gables Fl.año 4 No 144 p. 182
Fortnightly art, Venezuelan painters at Artexpo New York... 1983

 Journal of Puerto Azul, Mireya Power exposes in Pto. Blue. 1980
Noti-Sears, exhibition... 1975

United States
2010 Univision Channel 23 The journalist Paola Elorza and The floating art at Parrot Jungle,

 Miami Florida
2009 Univision Channel 23. The journalist Paola Elorza cubes at Epcot Center Disney display
2009 Mega News TV Interview Oswaldo Velazquez to Mireya “Segmento Tierra Verde”
2008 CNN Spanish interview with Mireya in Gallery Power International art Gallery Aug 23  
2006 "Despierta America" Channel 23 Univision, journalist Paola Elorza, interview Mireya
 at the Killian Senior High school. May
2006 WSBS Channel 22 "De Todo un Poco "Biggest art with cans of food” Channel 17 on
   the month of September.
2006 WRLN Channel 17 "Commenting with Orlando" journalist interview Orlando Cardenas to 

Mireya. September 17,
2005 Univision “Despierta America” Channel 23, Fernando Arau present Piag Museum on Wheels  
 August 15th.
2005 Univision Channel 23 "Ver para Creer" interview July Ferrer-Fernando to Mireya
 Piag Museum on Wheels May 6
2005 Telemundo “De Mañanita" Channel 51 with Julian Zamora-June 1.
2005 WSBS "Raza de Campeones” “Race of Champions" Channel 22 July 26. Interview
2005 WSBS "De Todo un Poco. Channel 22 Biggest art food"
2005 WSBS "De Todo un Poco” Channel 2 June 9"
2005 Univision Channel 23 "Despierta America," August 15,
2005 Univision 23 Despierta América Interview Fernando Arau to Mireya. Museum rolling Aug
2005 WRLN Channel 17 "Comentando con Orlando. Interview Orlando Cardenas to Mireya September 17.

2004 WSBS presents "Of all a little" Canal 22 Piag Museum & Charo Marin 2004
2004 NBC Spanish, interview Mireya Power at Power Int’l Art Gallery Coral Gables, Fla.
2003 WLRN Channel 17 Program: Temas de Mujeres Ana Rosa Grimal interviews Mireya.
1998 Despierta América Univision Ocurrió Así with Sevsec and she was interviewed and showed
 the canvas invention.
New York
1994 Univision, Channel 23. Miami, Florida "Mireya and Mauricio Rodriguez at Artexpo
1998 "Telemundo" Channel 51. Program: Ocurrió Así interviews Mireya
1994 Univision Channel 47 Program What’s Up March 4 Mia Carbonel interviews Mireya.
1982 Channel 41 New York interviewer Carlos Caldera "First Latinos at Artexpo
1982 Univision Channel 47 New York interviewer Gloria Montialegre “The Best of Artexpo New



WLRN Channel 17 Program: "Huellas" in English (Footprints) Department of Education "interview Mauricio Passarielo to Mireya Power and Eduardo Arreaza Cameraman.
WLRN, (Spanish). "Paws" - Channel 8. Director Luis Diaz interviews to Mireya.

Channel 41, Miami Artistic Director of ACCA Aubaldo Henriquez interviews Mireya.
Univision 23 "A.C.C.A. winning interview Mauricio Zeilac. Miami, Florida


Internationals TV
Mexico 1993

1993Televisa Channel 2, Program: ECO News with Jacobo Zabludovsky Tower Domecq Mireya’s Solo Exhibition.
Televisa Channel 2, Tower Domecq Mireya’s solo Exhibition.1993
Televisa Channel 2, live Program Tower Domecq Mireya’s solo Exhibition. 1993

Puerto Rico
Channel 2, journalist Roxana Rosalí presents Venezuelan Artists Contest at Cocqui Gallery.


Barbados W. I.
CBS Television--The Minister of education presents Mireya Power and William Power who will dictate art workshops and seminars.
CBS Television Presents Mireya Power as an art teacher for a group of teachers in the Caribbean island...

 St. Lucia West Indian.
HTV Television. The Minister of Education to Mireya Power asks for an educational video for schools and HTS TV make the video "Painting with Mireya". Duration 30 minutes.

Radio Caracas TV Channel 2 El Observador News - Painting in curved canvas at the Ateneo de los Teques. 1992

Venevision Channel 4. Program "what happens in the world" Mireya’s paintings "Landscapes in waves"at Eurobuilding exhibition.

Radio Caracas TV Channel 2. Program "El Observador" - Mireya and his landscapes at the Eurobuilding. Caracas, Venezuela

 "In search of replicable green practices" Mireya Pérez Power II Ecoclick connecting Green Networks. Caracas Venezuela. September 2011


Journalist: Alba Maria Gutierrez Member of the network journalism by climate change.

Quinto Día newspaper day. Journalist: Heydy Ramirez "The art invites you to take care of the planet"


El Universal Special Anniversary Edition "99 weight Universal Venezolanos"