Director and founder of Piag Museum, a non profit organization.
Venezuelan painter, inventor, art instructor and sculptor.

Born in Caracas, Venezuela . Daughter of a family of nine kids . Father Maximiliano Perez a business man and her mother Amada Monagas Nuñez a housewife. Her early interest in oil painting was obvious to her family and at the age of 18 she traveled to Florence Italy to study arts for a year at SS. Annunziata Poggie Imperiale. She took classes with Enzo Faraoni a well known artist.

As an artist:

Mireya captures in her works the elements of nature: lights, shades and colors especially browns and greens making her landscapes incredibly real. Her art has been exhibited in many important venues in countries such as Argentina, Colombia, Guatemala, Canada, France, Italy, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Rumania, United States, Venezuela, Sweden, Spain and in some countries in the Caribbean Islands. She received many award and honorary mentions among these, she won first prize in National Competition “Caveguias” in Venezuela.
Her works are in the traditional flat format and also in this original way: undulating canvas. Her creation, unique tri-dimensional landscapes on undulating canvases utilize classic characteristics in an original new format. This Canvas provides a unique kinetic-sculptural element to painting. The artist titles her creation “Landscape on waves”.

As an art Instructor

Besides being an artist , she believed art is essential in any healthy society so she began as an art instructor in Caracas Venezuela in Power Academy which she founded in 1975. Her secret was to create intensive courses that guaranteed students that they could learn to paint an artwork in 25 hrs. Because of the great success, she was invited as an art instructor in an international cooperation between the Venezuelan Government and the ministry of education of many Caribbean Islands such a Trinidad y Tobago, Antigua, St Lucie, St Vincent , Jamaica, Barbados. She was a significant contribution to the development of art education to students and teachers as well. Later she founded Power International Art Gallery in Venezuela in 1982 in order to exhibit the artists works internationally. She believes in promoting emerging as well as established artists by implementing art exhibits focused on the individual creative qualities rather than on extensive resumes.

Mireya in South Florida:

She moved her residency to Miami Florida in 1992 but before she participated in an event invited by City of Miami and gave her with a “ distinguish visitor certificate” for representing Venezuela’s folklore and art in “Miami Festival” in 1985 and in the Public Library System as an art instructor. Her contribution to South Florida community as an artist, art instructor and with her non Profit has been recognized with numerous letters of supports, awards,

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